A Time-tested Commitment: Carpenter Realtors and the Gennesaret Free Clinic


Over the past 19 years, Carpenter Realtors® has raised over $900,000 for the Gennesaret Free Clinic (GFC) through a variety of fund-raising activities. Years ago, we held “The Great American Yard Sales” at the various Carpenter branches.  It was a lot of work and we raised a little money.  We held the annual Canal Walks along the canal downtown.  That was more fun and we raised more money.  Then we began to hold our annual GFC/Carpenter Golf Classic.  A lot more work, more fun and we raised much larger sums of money.  Last month we held our 17th annual Golf Classic and raised $28,000.  Not bad considering these tough economic times.   Each of these fund-raising activities reflects a time-tested commitment made 19 years ago by Carpenter Realtors® to become a major contributor of money and people to the then new idea of a free medical clinic devoted to the health needs of homeless families in central Indiana.

The Gennesaret Free Clinic’s mission statement reads:

“The GFC is composed of health care professionals and other concerned individuals [like Carpenter’s Associates, Managers and Staff] who have heard a calling to offer their talents and training [and fund-raising abilities] to the homeless and indigent. Through their volunteer  efforts, they endeavor to provide competent, accessible and compassionate health care to the needy. Their faith moves them to show special respect and dignity to those who have been neglected and they realize that in such a healing encounter they are all made more whole by God.”

GFC has stood the test of time in their unwavering commitment to their mission statement.  And, Carpenter Realtors®, its Associates, Managers, Staff and participating vendors have continued to fulfill their time-tested commitment to funding the Gennesaret Clinic.  That commitment is as strong today as the day we began 19 years ago.  The need is never-ending and so is Carpenter’s commitment.


Posted by: David Caveness

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