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Carpenter Northeast Office Raises Funds for Children of LaRue Carter Hospital

We are proud to announce the following details of our 2014 LaRue Carter Hospital Christmas Fundraiser ... Read More »

Indianapolis Ranked Among Best Cities in the Region for Rental Real Estate Investment

A recently released report by All Property Management, the largest network of property management ser... Read More »

It’s past time to get serious about online security

I've been on a bit of a crusade lately, telling everyone I know about two-step authentication and pushin... Read More »

Indiana Housing Recovery is Underway

Our latest edition of Carpenter Reports, a review of quarterly housing activity, has just been released... Read More »

Carpenter’s 2013 Sales Rally

At Carpenter Realtors®, we’ve just announced the date and time for our annual Sales Rally. The Rall... Read More »

So what’s the deal with Windows 8?

Being an IT guy and a bit of a techie I like to be on the bleeding edge of technology.  So when Windows ... Read More »

Make the move to Google+

Google+ is Google’s refocused social networking application. It has some advantages over Facebook in that... Read More »

Move your “Stuff” to the Cloud

Cloud computing is in the news more and more these days, as newer players such as Google and Amazon have... Read More »

Apps to put your iPad to work

Dropbox Dropbox is a cloud storage service (the cloud = a server connected somewhere to the Internet but “the clo... Read More »

The paperless presentation finally is upon us

I remember the days when everyone thought that laptops were going to become the ultimate presentation... Read More »

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