Carpenter’s 2013 Sales Rally

Sales Rally

At Carpenter Realtors®, we’ve just announced the date and time for our annual Sales Rally. The Rally is set for Wednesday January 30th at the Indianapolis Wyndham West Hotel and Conference Center.

This year’s rally is titled, “The Opportunity is NOW,” reflecting the steadily-improving Indiana real estate market, the opportunity for agents to take advantage of that and the market-leading technologies that Carpenter will launch. Or more precisely, more homes are selling faster in central Indiana than anyone quite expected and Carpenter is planning to quickly take advantage.

With doors opening at 9:00 a.m., the first hour is reserved for meeting any of the dozens of vendors discussing their services, from mortgage and title companies to direct mail marketers to virtually any other home services company. At 10:00, Carpenter will reveal its newest mobile initiative, which promises to be among the most exciting and complete consumer real estate search offering locally and even nationally. Bring your tablet and smartphone, whatever happens to be your favorite mobile device.

Following the announcement, Carpenter plans to recognize its top sales and listing leaders for 2012.

The afternoon’s keynote speaker is David Knox, a nationally renowned real estate trainer, speaking on “Lead Conversion, Listing Presentations, Value-Added Selling and Avoiding the Dreaded “Commissionectomy.” A long-winded title to what promises to be a very interesting, funny and worthwhile talk. Actually, I think it’s titled “Sharpen Your Listing Edge.”

Following that, door prizes and a post-rally reception, I can only assume the city will inundated with newly-motivated Carpenter agents who are ready to take advantage of the opportunities the market and Carpenter are offering.

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