Pricing your Home to Sell

Word on the street is that the right houses always sell. What’s the right house? Simply, it’s the one that’s priced right and shows well.

Carpenter agents make every house the right house because we have the tools and we do our homework to help you price your home right.

In today’s tough market, pricing competitively is to be near the low end of today’s market value – but not lower than market value. Of course you want the best possible price, but who ever said an overpriced listing was going to sell for a higher price? And sell quickly? Unfortunately, many homes for sale that are priced at or above market value … or at what the homeowner needs to sell for … languish on the market, unsold. Now we’re both unhappy.

Our market is experiencing an adjustment that affects market value and many sellers don’t understand that. Although central Indiana hasn’t experienced the huge decline in home values that many other areas of the country have seen, our home values have (unfortunately) declined.

A Carpenter agent has done his/her homework on your home and neighborhood. Don’t get beat with an overpriced home. Price it right today and we’ll get to work exposing it to the serious buyers.

Pricing is a balancing act between getting top dollar and creating a faster sale. How do you get the right price? Listen to the facts and hear the truth when you receive a Competitive Market Analysis. Here are some ways to price it right from the start:

  1. Ask your agent to see the homes for sale in your area that are vacant. Buyers looking at your home will also be looking at these homes. What competitive advantage do you have so yours is the house the buyers select?
  2. With your agent, drive by your best “comps” (the homes in the market analysis). What was the actual sales price, the percentage of list to sales price and the days on the market? What were the amenities each home offered? How do those adjustments factor into your competitive pricing?
  3. Consider this – out-smart the competition by pricing your house to attract multiple buyers. Multiple buyers create competition and urgency and that translates into a higher sale price.
  4. Allow your Carpenter agent to present your home in its best light. Today’s buyers see your home online long before they might visit in person. Prep your home to allow for the very best photos inside and out in order to present your home well to internet shoppers. To get on their “in-person” showing list, research has shown that homes with the best photos are considered to be a greater value and will sell faster. That can mean a faster sale at a greater percentage of your asking price.
  5. Grasp the current market conditions. You’ve seen the newspaper stories. Let a Carpenter professional help you maneuver your way through the obstacles ahead.
  6. When determining days on the market, be sure to project a thorough picture. Many homes are re-listed simply to “appear” to have been on the market a shorter time.

If you don’t find a buyer, you may be faced with discussing a price adjustments down the road. Some other reasons to consider a price reduction include:

  1. There’s been a new price in the neighborhood that affects your sale.
  2. Look at the feedback from your showings. What did your buyer pool and other agents think of the price?
  3. Reducing the price gives you the chance to tap into a new buyer pool.

You want to sell your home for the best possible price. Call a Carpenter agent who knows your neighborhood. They’ll help you go about it the best way. A real market pro will help you maximize results under current market conditions.


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