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Dropbox is a cloud storage service (the cloud = a server connected somewhere to the Internet but “the cloud” sounds cooler) that lets you upload, store and access files on your iPad, PC, Android device, and Blackberry. You install the app or program on your device and create a free account. You get 2GB of storage for free and you have the option of purchasing more storage space if you so desire. Once you have documents uploaded you can access them from any of the other devices where you installed Dropbox. In addition, you can share documents with another user by simply providing their email address. This is a useful option for those files that are too large to email.

Another nice benefit to Dropbox is the built-in viewers. You can open Word documents, PDF files, jpeg photos, etc. from within Dropbox without having to install any other software (however, you can only view, not edit them from within Dropbox).

Many Realtors are using Dropbox to share and store purchase agreements and the like.  A really easy way to get your Powerpoint presentations on your iPad is to save them as PDF’s from within PowerPoint and then upload them to Dropbox.  From your iPad you can open them directly in Dropbox.

Google Docs

If you have a Gmail account then you have access to Google Docs. You can create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can upload any kind of file such as PDF, jpeg, etc. but can’t edit those file types from within Google Docs. The advantage to Google Docs over Dropbox is the ability to edit documents as well as storing them. From within your Gmail account you will see “documents” across the top of the screen and it works in the iPad’s Safari browser as well as your PC and Android device.

Konica Minolta Pagescope Mobile

Search for “Konica Minolta” in the App store. This app will allow you to print to the Bizhub color copiers in our offices. You can print documents from your iPad and scan documents to your iPad. You can also get documents via email from within the app if you add your email account. If it automatically finds the copier in your office there isn’t much you need to do to get it printing. If not you’ll probably need to put in a call so we can walk you through manually adding the copier.

HP iPrint

This is a similar app to the Konica Minolta Pagescope app but instead prints to networked HP printers. I have an HP inkjet on my home network and the app allows me to print photos from my iPad (and also my Android phone as there is an Android version of the app). One extra benefit is the app will act as a viewer for PDF documents. Thanks to the tiff between Adobe and Apple over flash there is no Adobe PDF viewer for the iPad or iPhone.

You don’t need an actual “app” to have the same functionality of an app. The iPad has the excellent Safari browser built-in and the full website works quite well in it. You have mobile access to the best local and neighborhood information available in Central Indiana and in addition you can switch to the mobile version of the site and use the GPS home search to find properties close to wherever you are right now.  If you still want an “App” you can create an icon that opens the site or your favorite page within

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