Best Time to Buy in 40 Years!

This is the fourth blog in a series of six blogs based on my “Six Reasons TODAY may be the BEST TIME in 40 Years to BUY A HOME.”

Today, I’m focused on Reason #3: Housing Inventories are High.  To update the original report the current inventory in the MIBOR BLC is 16,317 homes as of April 18, 2011.  That’s down a bit from last fall when the report was first drafted.  But, the premise is still solid.  There is an excellent selection of homes available in every price range.    And, just as we outlined in the report, the high inventory represents increased competition for those serious sellers.  Sellers who are motivated to move are forced to have their property in “move-in“ condition and to have it priced aggressively to attract buyers.  This is truly a great time to be a home-buyer in central Indiana!

If your personal situation allows you to move forward with confidence and buy a home, do it now, because TODAY is the best time in 40 years to buy a home.

Feel free to download the attached “The 6 Reasons TODAY May Be the BEST TIME in 40 Years to Buy a Home”  for the entire report.


Posted by: David Caveness

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