Big Ten Championship = Economic Activity

Indianapolis has long been known as the Amateur Athletics Capitol of the World.  In continuing that tradition, Indianapolis will be hosting the first ever Big Ten College Football Championship game on December 5th.  Okay…great…interesting…so what you might say?

Did you know that the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association estimates the economic impact to the city from this event at $17.7 million?  To put this in perspective, that’s estimated to equal 1/3rd of the entire NBA Pacers season!

Indianapolis is currently scheduled to host this annual event through 2015.  Kudos to those involved in securing this opportunity.  Not only does this provide economic growth, but it is another great opportunity to showcase our city.  The Big Ten released an initial batch of 20,000 tickets for sale – they sold out in less than 2 hours and those tickets were purchased from 46 different states.

Hopefully your team will be there, but regardless we are all a winner in this venture.  So be sure to be an ambassador of the city to our guests that week.  You never know, a future buyer just might be visiting.

Posted by:  Ryan Carrell

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