Building a Living Legacy

If you are a realtor in central Indiana and are not familiar with “Building a Living Legacy,” you need to become so.  In the coming months, the public, your sphere, your neighbors and your clients are going to be exposed to this project and you are going to want to be informed.

The “Building a Living Legacy” is a partnership between the John H. Boner Community Center on Indianapolis’ near eastside, the Super Bowl Legacy Project, and MIBOR’s REALTOR® Foundation.  The project is focused on building or renovating 32 homes for “at risk” homeless families on the near eastside of the city.  These “at risk” families are coming out of emergency homelessness or are at risk for homelessness.  The families receive supportive services through the Center for Working Families at the Boner Center and will work toward home ownership.

The project is well underway.  Fundraising by the REALTOR® community began back in 2009.  Over $300,000 was quietly raised and announced at the MIBOR President’s Ball in January of 2010.  I was there when the announcement was made and the crowd was pleasantly surprised.  Another $100,000 was raised by the REALTOR community for this project in 2010.  We still have another $100,000 to raise by years-end to meet our obligations.

In addition to raising funds for the project, building has begun.  The first of the 32 homes have been completed and the families are being selected.  The process of building homes; selecting families; and moving into the properties as they are completed will continue all year.  All 32 homes (32 NFL Teams in the League) will be completed and occupied before the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.  AS the publicity for the Super Bowl ramps-up throughout the year, so will the publicity for the Super Bowl legacy Project on the near eastside of the city culminating with the dedication of the homes to the Boner Center during the week of the Super Bowl.

This project has long-term implications for the city and for MIBOR.  It will become a true and lastng “legacy” to the commitment of REALTORS® to the City of Indianapolis and to the dream of home ownership for everyone.

The Boner center will continue to maintain the program long after the Super Bowl has occurred.  As a family becomes ready to move to a more permanent stage, the Boner Center will insure the 32 “Living Legacy” homes are always present for at-risk homeless families.

The project needs your support.  You can be a part of this “Living Legacy.” You can donate money to the remaining $100,000 to be raised during 2011.  And, you can stay informed.  Sign-up to receive The Countdown, our e-newsletter, by e-mailing Molly Hahn at

For more information about “Building a Living Legacy”, contact Molly Hahn at 317.956.5255 or visit


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