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Welcome to the information society!

I don’t know what it is about our human need for information, but I like it. We’re extremely curious with a deep need/desire to get answers to our questions. It’s not enough to know the ocean’s deep – we have to know how deep, what lives there and what we can gain from that knowledge. We’re fascinated by outer space; to see more of it, visit it, find other life forms. What about society’s mysteries? We‘re driven to find out whodunit, where it’s hidden, why it happened.

Will we ever finally have too much information? I doubt our human brains will ever admit to being “full” and not want more.

More information is one main reason we selected the vendor for our new web site … more information than anyone else can offer when someone’s searching for an Indianapolis home for sale.

When you’re searching for a home for sale in Indianapolis or around any of our 30 Indiana offices, has more details on each home for sale and its neighborhood, the people nearby, the quality of life, schools, environment, economy and more. More detail and more information than any other local search site. Thinking of buying a home for sale in Avon? We can tell you how many people live in that zip code, what their lifestyles are like, how the schools perform, what the potential for economic growth is, what amenities are nearby and much more, even compared to county, state and national stats for each. Dozens and dozens of bits of information on every home for sale in central and southern Indiana. How do schools in Bedford compare to Greenwood? How do home values in Shelbyville compare to the average in Indiana? How are they trending over the past years? What’s the average commute for residents in Broad Ripple? How many doctors per capita in Anderson? How far is the nearest grocery or restaurant from every home for sale? It even has great detail on the history of the communities we serve.

Come on. Get your information “fix” for the day. is like the Old Country Buffet when searching for real estate and homes for sale.

Posted by: Jim Newell

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