mobile site looks great on the HTC EVO 4G

I recently upgraded from the HTC Touch Pro2 to the HTC EVO 4G and while I thought the TP2 was and is a good phone (and I do miss the hardware keyboard) the 4.3” screen on my new EVO is a game changer.  It is now realistic to sit and watch video or streaming TV without a magnifying glass.  Combined with the EVO’s 1GHz snapdragon processor and high-resolution screen, the Internet experience on this new phone reminds me of the original iPhone ads “it isn’t kind of like the Internet, it’s the Internet”.

Carpenter Realtors new finger-friendly mobile website looks and works great on the EVO.  It is now a convenience to search for homes on your mobile phone rather than a squinting exercise with full access to all the newest listings in the BLC® with all the photos you would get on the full version of the site.  Combined with the 3G/4G speeds, the pages load with some snap.  You can realistically do a full home search without firing up your desktop or laptop or take a Sunday drive and browse all of Carpenter’s open houses.

Posted by: George Christodoulou

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