’s real estate web site quality certification


According to the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, it appears that our hard work at making the best real estate home for sale search website in Indiana is paying off.

I’ll quote: “Congratulations! You have successfully completed the requirements to earn the 2010 LeadingRE Website Quality Certification (WQC) designation.”
In order to help its members provide the most complete, efficient and enjoyable web experience, LeadingRE organized a panel of impartial web experts. The panel reviewed members’ web sites and graded the sites in a number of categories. All based on, and from, the consumer’s viewpoint – as in member websites were reviewed thoroughly and looked at through the eyes of a consumer.

The primary categories included:

  • Site design Is this real estate website easy-to-use? Is this site focused on its real estate product? Can visitors easily find content?
  • Search experience Does the consumer have all the home for sale search criteria they’d want? Are the results easily identified and sorted and displayed well?
  • Relevant content Is the site’s content relevant to a home for sale search? Is there a plethora (word of the day!) of information on local communities – with the most detailed statistics? Can the consumer find all the information they need/want in their home search on this site?

After that review, Carpenter was awarded the Quality Certification designation. Judging was based on a scale of 1-10 in 6 categories. Only companies that received a minimum 45 out of 60 points received the WQC. scored 51 out of 60. Next year we’re shooting for a perfect 60. Can’t be that tough. We’re almost there already.


Posted by: Jim Newell

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