Carmel, Indiana – The Best Place to Live 2012

And now we’re being appreciated by the national press. Carmel, Indiana has just been recognized by Money Magazine as … ready … Number 1 on Money’s list of America’s best small cities.

The highlights they mention are the downtown business district, the low unemployment, high-performing schools and a variety of affordable housing options.  They are quoted as saying this small city is the ideal location for work and play.

How does Money select the best small city in America? Working with  Onboard Informatics, they look at the 744 cities with a population between 50,000 and 300,000 (small?) Then the numbers start talking as they remove very wealthy or very poor areas. They look for some racial diversity and schools that perform well.  Then it’s about job growth, home affordability, safety, health care, arts and leisure, etc, etc, etc. Now you’re down to the top 100, which are ranked mostly by economic data (it is Money Magazine after all) and they do some basic reporting in visiting the  city and talking to residents. Sweet gig to be that reporter: “Hey Joe, here’s a thousand bucks. Go spend a week in Carmel Indiana.”

Despite what the left- and right-coast people choose to believe, there is some life in the middle of the U.S. And we’re living better than they are. Congratulations to  Carmel AND to Fishers, which appears as #12 on this year’s list.


Posted by: Jim Newell

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