Carpenter Realtors & Konica Minolta Deploy Bizhubs


All Carpenter Realtors offices were recently upgraded with new Konica Minolta Bizhub color multifunction machines adding faster print speeds, scan to mail, faxing directly from the copier and document storage all in one unit serviced and supported by our local Konica Minolta Business Solutions branch.

Technology and consumer preferences have changed the ways Realtors and consumers communicate and share information.  Gone are the days when a simple printer spitting out MLS sheets in black and white, a thermal fax machine and a desktop landline telephone were about all that were needed to conduct business and communicate.  Today’s real estate agents work with Internet savvy, smart-phone carrying always-connected consumers searching for homes who want information delivered to them conveniently and instantly and the new Bizhubs are one part of that equation.

With more and more consumers flocking to mobile phones and ditching their yester-tech landlines, fax technology is circling the drain along with those disappearing land lines.  Scan to mail is replacing faxing for several reasons.  Among them:  the scanned documents are much clearer than faxes and can be in full color;  email doesn’t give you a busy signal and is much cheaper than a phone line;  it is more secure – no faxes laying around the office fax machine for anyone to pick up or read and you can be anywhere and receive your emailed documents vs. being tied to a fixed fax line.

The Konica Minolta Bizhubs give every Carpenter Realtors agent at every one of our 30 Indiana locations the ability to print, scan, copy (and, yes, even fax!) documents to other Realtors or to home shoppers.  And any Carpenter agent can walk into any Carpenter Realtors office and be at home with the Bizhub since their access code, email address (for scanning) and even the interface on the Bizhubs are the same at every office.

With one piece of gear truly being the communication “hub” in the office, good local support is a must.  Konica Minolta has a local presence that covers the entire Carpenter Realtors’ 30 Branch footprint with a promised four-hour or less response time and a service agreement that covers everything but paper and staples.

Posted by: George A. Christodoulou

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