Carpenter Realtors Offers Agents Free Websites

At Carpenter, we’re excited to offer fully-functioning, customizable websites to every Carpenter agent at no cost.  Many agents find they get a single, non-customizable web page from their broker. Others have to buy a website simply to have a presence on the web.

Carpenter’s customizable personal agent websites offer features costing hundreds of dollars a month from other vendors: full search functions (locally and nationally) with the nation’s best local stats and information; multiple design options, with the option to add your personal photos, colors etc.; links to all content within; and the ability to add an unlimited number of content pages – including pages on individual neighborhoods, agent’s qualifications and outside interests – anything.  Any of those pages can link to any area property search.

We think it’s cool because of the huge number of options for customization these sites offer.  The cost savings we can provide our agents is the bonus!

Posted by: Jim Newell

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