Carpenter’s new agents “get” it

Just spent a couple of days with our latest training class. I like these guys. Most classes have a few dynamic future success stories … with a few of the opposite. Sometimes they’re death on wheels. And a few rare groups like this one give us a reason to be excited.

On Thursday, sharing the Carpenter Marketing offerings with them, they not only stayed alert (sometimes a challenge when I’m in front of a group) but it was obvious they were paying close attention. From our co-op advertising programs to details on their free CRM program and websites to a full-on discussion of the value of good photography, they proved themselves ready to get out there and make something happen. Today, reviewing out custom website options for our agents, they got it. They got the value of having a full site and the value of custom content. And they really got it when we did the hands-on, get-your-site-looking-good training. One of the easiest groups to work with from step one.

I’m looking forward to early next week when we review our CRM offerings, with contact management, drip email campaigns, neighborhood reports and more. It’s the best value and most important banana in the bunch.

It’s interesting. As a new agent, you have to figure they’re concentrating on selling homes. And we stress technique and tools. But when they understand and also get excited about the marketing opportunities we provide – helping them brand themselves, providing a full, free CRM program, offering custom websites, providing programs to offset their advertising costs – other “sit-on-your-laurels” agents at companies who don’t provide these benefits should start watching their backs.

So, newbies, if you’re reading this, thanks for a good couple of days.

Posted by: Jim Newell

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