Deadline to close on tax credit home sales is extended


For a number of our agents and their clients, we’re very pleased that the U.S. Senate and House have both agreed to extend the Home Buyer Tax Credit closing date to September 30, 2010.  If the President signs off, as expected, today, we’re in good shape to get all the “tax credit” homes closed.  The original deadline for closing a sale and to take advantage of the $8000 First-Time Tax Credit and the $6500 Move-Up Tax Credit was June 30.

While it’s only a handful of Carpenter Realtors’ transactions that were in doubt (thanks to our agents and vendors working like dogs to get sales closed within the original deadline), think about the thousands of (future) homeowners that might have been affected nationally.  For the leftovers, those who for some reason didn’t get closed yet, better late than never, eh?


Posted by: Jim Newell

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