Doreen Leads Naptown Knitters

Doreen Tatnall, an agent in Carpenter Realtors’® Eastside Office should be an inspiration to everyone in Indianapolis.  In October of 2010 she got an idea while attending a meeting of the Woodruff Place Civic League.  There, the Superintendent of the Indiana Re-Entry Facility (IREF) of the Indiana Department of Corrections (Prisons) was pleading for volunteer help from the community.  Her idea was to go into the IREF and teach the male prisoners how to knit.  Her specific goal was to teach them how to knit scarves for the Super Bowl Scarfproject. She went to work on her idea.

Since then, Doreen has met with the inmates twice a week, taught them to knit, personally provided the blue and white yarn and needles, and led the group to complete 20 scarves for the Super Bowl volunteers.  Every time I see one of those scarves on television or spread across downtown this week, I wonder if that scarf is one from the Naptown Knitters and does that volunteer know where it can from.  At almost 5’ 3”, she is an inspiration to me and to those men at IREF as they prepare to re-enter society by giving back to the community outside those walls.

P.S.  Doreen and the Naptown Knitters are starting another knitting project…they are knitting stocking hats and scarves for breast cancer survivors and the Susan B. Komen Foundation. WOW!  You can click here to reach Doreen about opportunities to help.


Posted by: David Caveness

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