Enhancing value for Indianapolis home buyers and sellers, and our agents

The sun is shining. The air is fresh. Seems as good a time as any to give a shout out to, and credit to our new buddies at VisualTour.
Earlier this year, we put together a very unique deal with VisualTour, the nation’s leading virtual tour provider. Our plan was dual-focused: create more value for Carpenter Realtors®within our agent community, and present a more complete, robust and comprehensive online presentation of our company’s listings.

Turns out it was a one-step process with two very positive aspects.

First, we purchased VisualTour licenses for each one of our nearly 600 associates. Keywords: purchased and for. They get all the bells and whistles of a complete VisualTour virtual tour production package.

Access to VisualTour’s software that enables them to produce custom virtual tours of their listings … or anything they want … as a virtual tour. That includes all the syndication options available through VisualTour to better expose their listings to potential buyers.

Next, we encouraged (OK, we prodded. OK, we insisted that) VisualTour automatically create a virtual tour for every Carpenter listing as well as a YouTube video for every listing. Automatically, within 48 hours of a listing being active, a new tour and video are created. Then they’re both loaded to callcarpenter.com, to trulia.com, to homefinder.com and many other sites VisualTour has an agreement with. The video also goes to Carpenter’s YouTube channel.

The value here is all over the place. Each of our agents is saving hundreds of dollars a year by not paying VisualTour or another company for a personal license. $0 for the same product. Plus they can even create custom self-promotional, neighborhood or event tours. What about our sellers? They get a more complete package of their home for sale. A package they can share with their friends and neighbors, creating more value in their home. For buyers – the information junkies – they get more ways to find and view all the Carpenter homes for sale. That more complete experience with Carpenter listings is a bonus for everyone: agents, sellers and buyers.

To date, we’ve gotten huge response from our sellers, a big bump on our web traffic and a nice increase in incoming leads for our agents.

Call me a whiner, but it’s tough being the company with the most complete, extensive and aggressive home marketing programs, what with the other guys stealing your best programs. It’s tough, but it’s what we do. Go ahead followers – keep on being the second to create programs and the second-best at executing them. Be almost as good as Carpenter, with our innovative home marketing that gives buyers and sellers both, what they want when they want it. We’ve got more coming.

Posted by: Jim Newell

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