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I gotta get me a smarter phone.

This morning at our corporate managers’ meeting, I mentioned a new feature on the mobile app for ( It’s a gps location search option.  Using a smartphone, you can now search homes for sale and callcarpenter will identify your location and show you only the houses that meet your criteria within two miles of where you are right then.  Yeah, I could park myself in the middle of an area where I think I want to live and my phone will only show me houses for sale in that specific area.  If I drive to another neighborhood, the search results change to match my move.

So what happened this morning?  It was an invitation to break the rules and pull out your phone.  60+ phones popped up and started searching for homes near our meeting site.  60+ phone users ooh’d and aah’d when they saw this new feature in action.  OK, not everybody ooh’d and aah’d.  Some just ooh’d.  Some just aah’d.  Some were silently awed.

Why the awe?  We’re the first real estate web site in Indiana to offer this gps locator.  Imagine being at an open house, being interested in the area and wondering what other homes are for sale around that home?  What if you’re considering moving up from your present home, but want to stay in the same area?  How about if you’re visiting a friend and, just for kicks, want to see what homes in their neighborhood are for sale?

So, if you’re phone is smarter than mine, try it. will automatically redirect you to our mobile web app.  At the top you’ll click on “Search Nearby Properties” and the gps locator starts to do its job.  Or, click here for more information.

Posted by: Jim Newell

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