Getting Your House Ready to Be Put on the Market

Getting Your House Ready to Be Put on the MarketYou want to sell your home, and you want it to go quickly and for your asking price. Sound like it’s too good to be true? The reality is that how fast your home sells and what you get for it does depend on the market and how well it’s marketed, but it also depends on you. For example, when people look for homes for sale Noblesville Indiana has to offer, they are far more attracted to homes that need no work and that show very well, even when the specs are the same as a run-down house that just doesn’t “wow” them.

In the real estate industry, we call it staging and it’s how you merchandise your home to show well and impress buyers. Here are a few tips from Carpenter Realtors(r) to help you get your home ready for a sale.

Emphasize the Light
People love a home that feels bright, homey and open. Never leave your curtains or drapes closed when showing the house, even if you love the way they look and often have them closed while living there. Open them up so that the home is as bright–and feels as big–as possible.

Make Those Minor Repairs
You may have been putting off little repairs like changing a light or tightening a banister that has come loose on the stairs. Don’t put them off any longer. You don’t want anything to give people pause, and it’s worth knocking those jobs out on the weekend before you show the home. Additionally, people who see little issues that have been ignored often assume larger issues have been ignored as well, so they’re more confident if it’s clear you’ve taken care of your house.

Get Rid Of Your Clutter
Watch any home improvement show, and you’ll find that a big part of a renovation just involves removing clutter and creating storage for it. Eliminating clutter makes the home look clean and inviting–no one wants to live in clutter–and it also makes each room appear larger. Remove your clutter and the home will show well to potential buyers.

Consider the Smell
The way a home smells has a lot to do with how people feel there. If it feels musty, they won’t like it, so you always want to air the home out. Some people recommend going around with air fresheners or lighting a candle. One of the best options is simply to bake a loaf of fresh bread or cookies.

Wash Everything
Start with the windows or the countertops, and wash every surface you can think of. Vacuum the floor, or sweep if you have tile or wood floors. Wash away any marks that you find on doors and walls. Clean the mirrors in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Cleaning is especially important if you have pets.

Keep the Interior Doors Open
First and foremost, keeping your interior doors open makes the home feel larger, which -​ ​as you’ve seen from the tips above​ ​-​ ​always makes the home more attractive. On top of that, though, open doors can show the home off and draw buyers’ eyes to highlights. Let them know that there is a bathroom connected to the master bedroom or that you have a huge pantry in the kitchen.

​Take advantage of these and other tips, and your home is ready for a quick, stress-free sale.​

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