Have You Heard About “The Unfolding”


Have you heard about a 39 page book called “The Unfolding” by Price Pritchett?  If you haven’t read it, go out and buy it today and read it…twice…tonight.  It is self-described as “a handbook for living strong, being effective, and knowing happiness during uncertain times.”  It’s an easy read and I found it right on target for navigating through these uncertain times in the real estate business.  Pritchett does a great job of clarifying the impact of an uncertain future (much like we are currently facing in the Indianapolis real estate market) on the human mind and how to manage yourself rather than attempting to manage the uncertainty.

I have found “The Unfolding” to be helpful in keeping myself focused on those productive activities that I can control while waiting for the uncertainty in the real estate market to clarify itself. I encourage everyone with Carpenter Realtors® to get a copy and read it.  You too will find it insightful and inspirational as you wait for the uncertainty to clear.




Posted by: David Caveness

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