HGTV’s Househunters visits Indianapolis via Carpenter Realtors

Who hasn’t seen House Hunters or House Hunters International on HGTV? I’m not a regular but if I’m surfing and come across one, I’m stuck for the rest of the episode. After all, what kind of an Indiana  guy like me can’t learn a few things from a family buying a second home in Tahiti or a couple fretting over three million-dollar Central Park condos?

Occasionally House Hunters comes down to Earth. This Tuesday they’re doing just that – coming to Indianapolis to help a relocating couple. That’s interesting on its own, but when two Carpenter agents are involved, we get  excited.

In this case, a couple (Carmen and Erik) have moved to Indianapolis from San Francisco. Don’t laugh – it happens a lot. Why Indianapolis? They simply took a liking to us during a Summer visit, specifically noting our warm,  inviting neighborhoods. The couple selected Alice Steppe from our Pike office to be their “guide” in selecting  their new home. So – welcome to “House Hunters” Indianapolis!

For two weeks in November and December, Alice, Carmen and Erik looked at available homes for sale on the north side. Not just the three you’ll see in the show, but nearly 60 homes … narrowed to their top three choices.  The L.A. production company followed them through those top homes and the process Carmen and Erik went through to select a home. Imagine the L.A. and San Francisco people when they saw the home values in Indianapolis!

But wait, that’s not all! Coincidentally, one of the final three homes that appears on this show is listed by another agent in our Pike Office – Steven Kass!  That’s right – based on this scientific study – we have the buyers and we have the listings those buyers prefer.

Check your calendar or set your DVRs The episode airs this Tuesday, April 3 at 10:00 p.m. on HGTV and repeats again at 1:00 a.m.

Posted by: Jim Newell

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