Home repairs and services – part of the home buying process


After helping a client find the perfect home for sale, after working through all the paperwork needed to make an offer, counter-offer and accepted offer, after helping those clients get to and past the closing table, there’s one important question every home buyer has for Carpenter’s Indianapolis and Central Indiana Realtors.

No, it’s not “Let’s go get a beer.”  It’s “Hey, do you know someone who (fill in the blank for any home service)?”

For several months, Carpenter Realtors  has been building a relationship with an Indianapolis service called PinPoint Perks.  PinPoint Perks offers “the sharpest deals in town” on home services and repairs.  To date, more than 200 Carpenter agents are offering the PinPoints Perks service to their home buyers and home sellers.  It’s a nice “gift” perk appreciated by those homeowners.

Due to the success of our existing relationship with PinPoint Perks, Carpenter has licensed a limited use of the program for every agent to use at no cost.  This is an excellent, no-cost client service tool to give top service and discount offers to our past clients for the products and services they need. Its value?  Carpenter agents build a stronger relationship with home buyers and sellers.  There’s no obligation for home buyers and sellers to use the service and there’s no financial relationship between the two companies.  Unlike other companies who offer similar services from a subsidiary company, Carpenter Realtors doesn’t make any money from a transaction a client has with a PinPoint Perks company.  It’s a service thing, not a profit thing.

To paraphrase Indianapolis’ own Don Davis of Don’s Guns “We don’t want to make money, we just love satisfied clients.”

Buying an Indianapolis or central Indiana home?  Selling an Indianapolis or central Indiana home?  Carpenter’s association with PinPoint Perks offers guaranteed service results with legitimate cost savings.


Posted by: Jim Newell

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