New home search apps are a big success

home search apps

I need to say this. I’m pleased. Extremely pleased.

I’m not often pleased and more so not often extremely pleased. But the launch of the new Carpenter home search apps ( has given us reason to be extremely pleased.

To date, we’ve had over 2,500 unique installs of our new Android, iPhone and iPad apps. Technically, an install is when someone … well, installs the app on their device. And these aren’t agent and agent family installs. Carpenter agents are doing a fantastic job of promoting and demonstrating the apps to their friends, sphere, clients, future clients, etc. Plus, Carpenter’s multi-media advertising is getting the word out to hundreds of thousands more possible users who can use this even if they’re not shopping for a home.

Once someone demos one of these apps, they’re hooked. These are the only locally-based apps, specific to each device and loaded with features and tools. Speaking for myself, our biggest problem has been describing all those features, especially HomeSpotter GPS. With HomeSpotter GPS you can stalk any neighborhood and view details on every home for sale and home sold – through the camera in your phone or iPad. Not much of a description, eh? Well – try it and you’ll see.

It’s all part of Carpenter’s mobile commitment, to provide the consumer with a superior mobile experience by dominating local competition and competing aggressively against national syndicators. The product speaks for itself and supports that commitment 100%.

Does anyone else see the competition in the rear view mirror?

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