In Indiana, Small Towns = Safe Towns


Do you ever wake up in the morning and cringe when the local TV news team reports another shooting, break-in or crazy robbery?  Almost every day, right?  But if you look deeper into it, central Indiana is actually a very safe place to live, with crime rates well below the national average.

The fact that these stories are considered news is proof that they’re uncommon, right?  Well, that‘s what we call a theory.

Looking to prove the theory as true, we go to  They call themselves a “web-based patented neighborhood search engine that uses neighborhood statistics to build neighborhood profiles.” Those numbers are used to create an index that outlines, among other stats, the safest cities and towns in Indiana and America.

Where do we Hoosiers stand?  Pretty well, as a matter of fact (not theory).  Typically, suburbs and small towns have the lowest crime rates – one case where your stereotype meets the truth.  And we have plenty of those small towns.  While heavily-urban downtown Indianapolis gets a fairly low score, Fishers is one of the safest towns in Indiana.  Look at this list of towns near Carpenter offices that score at, or well above the national average for safety (in truly random order):

Pittsboro, Danville, Clayton, Coatesville, Greenfield, Fairland, New Palestine, Carmel, Zionsville, Clermont, Brownsburg, Avon, Whiteland, Southport, Bargersville, Trafalgar, Sheridan, Atlanta, Cicero, Nineveh, Springville, Roachdale, Reelsville, Pendleton, Cumberland, Frankton, Wilkinson, Morristown.

It’s like a small-town Who’s Who, isn’t it?  Needless, to say, when Carpenter has a home for sale in any of our central Indiana towns, we have great stories to tell.  Reasonable prices, low crime, family-friendly, etc.  For more information detailing crime rates by city, take a look at this chart.


Posted by: Jim Newell

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