Indianapolis – Most Affordable Place to Buy a Home in the US

I just heard the words “What in the Sam Hill?” around the office. Asked what that was for – and was told about a new, just-released NAR / Wells Fargo study that says Indianapolis is in the top ten “most affordable  home prices” in America. Based on home prices, median income and mortgage rates, Indianapolis ranks… let’s see… Number ONE!

Yeah, we’re the most affordable U.S. city in which to buy a home. Out of a total of what, a gazillion cities in America, we’re the most affordable. May I quote:

“From its mainly manufacturing roots, the state’s capital has greatly diversified, attracting employers in the health care, pharmaceutical and retail industries. Even tourism has become a big industry here, as sporting events like the famed Indianapolis  500 and the NCAA basketball championships draw crowds each year.

All of that has helped Indianapolis’ population bring in a median income that is on par with the nation’s as a whole. Housing, however, is much cheaper than the national average, making it a lot more affordable for local residents to buy.”

Let’s let the study speak for itself, as it clearly states Indianapolis is a more affordable place to buy a home than, well, anywhere in America.

P.S. Check this for background on “What in the Sam Hill.”


Posted by: Jim Newell

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