Indy Star Home of the Day ad: Value + Value

Got home last night and did my usual perusal of the Indy Star, checking to see what headlines catch my eye, worthy of a read.  Not long after starting, right above a half-page Roberts Camera ad on main news, page A12, I see Kevin Smoot’s smiling face.  Kevin’s an agent in Carpenter’s Avon West office and no – the smiling face isn’t part of a Star investigative report.  It’s Kevin’s Home of the Day ad for an Avon home for sale he’s listed.

Whaaaaa?  A realtor running a home-for-sale display ad in the main news of the full-circulation Indianapolis Star?  Who can afford that?  Nothing personal, Kevin, but I know you can’t.  But with Carpenter’s help, you can.

Our agreement with the Indianapolis Star gives us an exclusive Home of the Day feature display ad in one of the main sections of the daily paper.  This is no classified or hidden ad.  It’s in the main news, sports, business, etc.  And we “sublet” that space to any interested Carpenter agent for only $50.  Don’t get me wrong, we pay a lot for each ad.  If you know the newspaper business, you know that a display ad in a major daily paper can cost hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars.  But we’ve found a value in co-oping the cost of each day’s ad to enable our agents to get a real competitive advantage over other brokers’ agents.

Good luck to all you non-Carpenter agents out there.  You ain’t getting this ad for $50 no-where, no-how.  I’m sure some of you are saying “Who cares?  I don’t want the ad anyway.”  HA!  Tell that to our agents who run the ads and make the phone ring.

Bill Foxworthy – can I use your example?  Here’s what Bill said when one of his recent listings ran as a Home of the Day: ”After the Home of the Day ad I got at least 12 phone calls about the home on my cell number. The showings increased. The virtual tours increased. The timing for the sellers was great because the activity had slowed down.  The ad was beautifully done (and) the sellers ok’d a price reduction because of the increased activity. (This) Home of the Day had a tremendous impact.”

Indy Star display ad (Wow!) Exclusive to Carpenter agents (nyaa nyaa nyaa) $50 (Holy Cow!)

Beat that, Mr. Rent-a-Desk.

Posted by: Jim Newell

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