Make the Move to Indianapolis

Make the Move to IndianapolisWith an amazing and diverse array of homes for sale in Indianapolis, now is a great time to be in the market to buy a home in Indiana’s vibrant capital city. There are some extraordinary benefits to living in Indianapolis that home buyers should be away of when house hunting. If you’ve never considered Indy before, here are some reasons you should check it out.

The Price Is Right

Unlike many other comparable metropolitan areas, Indy boasts incredibly low housing costs. You can make your dollar stretch dramatically, especially if you’re moving from other midwestern cities like Chicago or Cleveland. Whether you are in search of a century-old mansion, a mid-century ranch or an new contemporary downtown condo, you’ll find that the type of homes you love is even more in reach when you search Indianapolis.

Great Schools

If you have a family with school-age children, you’ll love Indianapolis’s school districts. With multiple colleges and universities in the area or within an easy drive, you’ll find this city to be educationally astute and forward thinking. The city also boasts a great range of private schools too.

Just the Right Size

As a state capital, Indianapolis is large enough to feel like a big city, but not so large that it loses its hospitality and charm. People who live in Indy often boast that it’s just the right size to be diverse and culturally rich, but its size never feels overwhelming.

Vibrant Cultural Offerings

As one of the geographical crossroads of the nation, Indianapolis is a first-rate meeting place. Over time, outstanding cultural attractions have made Indy home. You’ll find museums, outdoor fairs, festivals, and a wide array of restaurants and shops in addition to the city’s proud motorsports heritage.

Access to Excellent Healthcare

Indianapolis is home to nationally-recognized healthcare systems and centers that are renowned for their level of care and offerings. Many people love that they can enjoy Indy’s small-city charm, but also have access to important amenities like good healthcare facilities.

Natural Attractions

Finally, Indianapolis is simply a lovely place to buy a home with its beautiful parks and nature preserves. When searching for a home in Indy, be sure to take time to visit popular local attractions like Eagle Creek Park and White River State Park. Other city attractions include the Indianapolis Zoo, the state fairgrounds and of course, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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