Marketing Homes for Sale in a Hot Market

marketing homes for sale

Yeah, it’s a typical marketing dilemma. Customers are buying your product so quickly and so often you’re tempted to stop advertising and just let momentum take over.

What? That’s not typical? Go figure.

These days I’m in the business of helping real estate agents sell homes. And I must be doing a heckuva job because many of those agents are selling homes before we can fully implement Carpenter’s Home Marketing System (

It’s a good problem to have. But of course there are those that don’t sell quickly, but the agents have held off on implementing the plan. When you have a home for sale, it’s not like it’s the hot Christmas gift. A home isn’t a Tickle Me Elmo, Cabbage Patch Kid, Furby or even an iPod Touch. Every Indianapolis home for sale is unique and needs a singularly unique buyer. I say it in training classes: if I knew where the buyer for any house was, we could simply call them the day before they decide to buy a home. Done deal.

Buyers for any home come from a multitude of places. And they search for their new home a multitude of ways. A multi-media approach to marketing any home is going to find that perfect, motivated buyer faster (sooner? more efficiently?), before they may see another home that’s “close enough” and make an offer on that.

Putting it this way, many buyers are motivated to find a home, whether by need or impatience. Those buyers are information junkies, looking anywhere they may possible find the right home. If our agents’ listings are “anywhere” we’re more likely to be noticed by the right buyer at the right time, before they choose an alternative compromise home. Online, newspaper, TV, magazines, youtube, apps, etc. Call me a pusher but I give the junkies what they want.

My challenge is to have our Carpenter agents execute the Home Marketing System “just in case.” Get their listing scheduled for an open house, get a single property website, submit for our TV show or a local newspaper ad. We can always cancel the advertising if that home does turn out to be the hot Christmas gift and sells quickly. Maybe a consolation Snickers bar if their home for sale gets an offer after they’ve submitted for advertising. Yeah, that’s it.

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