Performance, Plans and Attitude in Real Estate


As we prep for tomorrow’s annual Carpenter Sales Rally (and Awards Presentation), I think we’re seeing some more positive growth and improvement in central Indiana home sales.

It’s not just numbers, although the market’s numbers are looking up. This is about last year’s performance, this year’s plans and attitude.

In 2009, Carpenter Realtors® had 45 agents who met a minimum sales achievement for the year and were recognized at our 2010 Rally. This year, 46 agents met that minimum achievement and will be recognized onstage tomorrow. Now I’m no math whiz, but that seems to be about the same number, in a year when the market was down another 10%+. Many of those have been able to keep their sales numbers pretty steady from year-to-year in spite of the economy, the headlines and even the depression that is defining the mood around many offices without the name Carpenter on the door. Some even had a record year, with the greatest number of listings, sales or production in their career.

But that’s all in the past. The only important thing now is the future. At least that’s what we can control. And in Carpenter’s Marketing Department we have a record number of agents requesting any one of the number of self-promotional materials we’re offering. Aside from a few new offerings, there’s not a lot of change: the graphics production is still no charge to the agents and we can work within a “Carpenter” theme or build material solely around an agent’s own “brand.” But the concept of a need for powerful self-promotion is finally taking hold and more and more agents – experienced and the newbies – are turning to us for help in building their career and growing their income. I don’t mind that. They make more, I can make more.

Then there’s the attitude. The general mood around most of our offices is pretty upbeat. And it’s not the swell weather we’ve been having. In the past some offices, on good days, have been subdued at best. Others are always pretty upbeat offices but the four+ years of recession has taken a toll on our moods. These days you might say there’s a little spring in their step.

Tomorrow we officially kick off 2011. Indianapolis is going to have a good year.


Posted by: Jim Newell

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