Putting some effort into marketing luxury homes


Typically, Carpenter Realtors® is not known for having a large inventory of what would be described as luxury homes- those larger, higher-priced homes with more amenities and creature comforts. Call it geography or outdated perceptions, consumers often don’t think of Carpenter as an option to sell their luxury home. Whatever the reason, we actually put more effort into, and are more successful at, selling those McMansions.

Here’s a great example: On Sunday, the Indianapolis Star published a special homefinder real estate section. This section, called Tour of Luxury Homes,” focused on … well, luxury homes.

In that section, the editorial discussed the lifestyle and amenities of living in a luxury home. The advertising portion of the section allowed agents to promote their $275,000+ Indianapolis and central Indiana homes for sale. Now, if I were a normal agent, I’d take advantage of every opportunity to promote my clients’ higher-end luxury homes for sale. Which shows, once again, why I’m not normal.

Obviously, those brokers and agents who claim to specialize in luxury homes don’t feel the need to market those luxury homes to potential buyers. Maybe just a sign in the yard is enough? Out of all the luxury homes advertised in the Indy Star’s special section, Carpenter agents represented 23% of the advertising. Two of the hoity-toity brokers on the north side who claim to be specialists in luxury homes had 11% and 7% of the ad space purchased. In fact, Carpenter agents had as many ads as three of the supposed “top” companies in high-end properties.

Really, people – is that the best you can do for your luxury home sellers? Promoting their home to 300,000 educated newspaper subscribers isn’t good enough? Maybe you’re right. The yard sign is seen by literally dozens of people every day. Your web site generates dozens, if not hundreds of visitors a day. The newspaper can’t match those numbers.

Carpenter’s exclusive Home Marketing System is an aggressive total package to market a home for sale to the greatest number of potential buyers. From our Indy Star ads (including Home of the Day) to the best web real estate site in Indiana (including GPS HomeSearch) to our TV Showcase of Homes to … well, you get the point.

Gotta go. Time to change some old perceptions!

Posted by: Jim Newell

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