Ready to Buy a New Home? City or Suburbs?

Ready to Buy a New Home? City or Suburbs?

It’s a classic dilemma for every home buyer: do you choose a home in the thriving, vibrant city, or do you look for a bit more space – along with peace and quiet – in the suburbs? While the answer is different for everyone, there are a few key things you need to consider as you look for homes for sale in Carmel, Brownsburg, Greenwood or any suburb. Consider including the following:

Proximity to Work

For many, it’s crucial to be close to work with a short commute. While working downtown has its perks, the commute on US31 from Carmel, down I69 from Fishers or along I65 from Greenwood is not one of them. If you don’t want to spend more time on the road than with your family, living in or nearer the city is the better option. A suburban home may be appealing … but not if you’re never there because you’re on the road between the office and your home.

More Space for Your Money

Lot sizes and newer construction mean that suburban home buyers can maximize what they get for their money. A few acres in the suburbs can be the same amount of money as a fifth of an acre in the city. Plus, there are simply more large lots to choose from in the suburbs, while some city neighborhoods just don’t have any, no matter what you can afford. The size of homes in the suburbs also tends to be higher; those looking for four or five bedrooms shy away from the standard three-bedroom, one- or two-bathroom home in the city.

Age and Style of the Home

This is more a matter of choice and can go either way. Older homes, with their charm, character and personal-quality workmanship, are in the city, built before the suburbs even existed. In the suburbs you’ll find a greater variety, from mid-century ranches to new builds with pristine construction, modern updates and open floor plans. All else the same, the decision might just be a matter of your preference.

The American Dream

Ready to Buy a New Home? City or Suburbs?For decades, the American dream has been described as a home in the suburbs with a white picket fence, a quiet street and a large lot. Studies have shown that this is still true for most people, but their buying habits don’t always back it up. As Indianapolis continues to redevelop its downtown, many younger home buyers purchase houses in the city, despite saying they want the classic suburban home when pressed about their long-term goals and dreams.

Clearly, there is still a draw to the open land of the suburbs, but the advantages of the city – jobs, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment, shopping options and more – also have their own appeal.

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