Real Estate Search App Far Exceed Expectations

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And they say word of mouth moves slowly.

Typically, I’m not at a loss to evaluate “Why” something happens. Unless that something is fairly beyond my expectations. So here I am, wondering what to make of the traffic we’ve already generated for Carpenter Realtors ‘ two-month-old apps.

A little background: Carpenter launched iPhone, iPad and Android real estate search apps ( at the end of January. Sure, we thought it was something special, since the provider, Mobile Realty Apps, offered a very user-friendly operating-system-specific experience. Home buyers could expect to quickly find homes for sale, to get all details and large photos, and to enjoy what we call HomeSpotter GPS. Home sellers could appreciate the marketing bonus this app gives Carpenter agents, thus their home.

Personally, my expectations were that we’d experience a decent launch and a slow, steady growth in usage. As for installs, a few hundred agents, some of their buyers and sellers and a few hundred strangers. After all, you can only reach so many home buyers (“likely users”) in a short time window.

After just ten weeks, we have several thousand installs (that’s what they call downloads these days). It appears they like the app, too. In the 30 days leading up to the ten-week anniversary we counted more than 24,000 times a user opened and used the app.

That’s what hit me. 24,000+ times an Indianapolis real estate app was opened? It wasn’t just me demo-ing it to others 60 times a day. After all, I have to work for a living. The apps must be as cool to others as it is to us. And word of mouth is simply working well.

Go get it. For real. It’s in the apple store and google play. All the cool kids have it.

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