Realtor luncheon benefits Children’s hospital


Just last Thursday, for the 25th consecutive year, Carpenter’s Northeast office (formerly “Castleton”) held a Thanksgiving luncheon and raffle to raise money for the Larue D. Carter Children’s Hospital.

Clint Williams (office manager, ret.) gets credit for starting this tradition.  At Larue Carter, they care for 42 underprivileged children with mental disabilities.  Only 42?  With only 159 beds, the hospital has a cap on beds and its ability to treat children.  The hospital is described as an intensive specialized treatment, training, and research center for the State of Indiana Division of Mental Health system.  A lot of words for a simple goal – to make people better.

The challenge is that these 42 children have little or no Christmas to look forward to.  The office’s goal is to give them something to brighten the holiday.  And a brighter holiday we think they’ll see.  The luncheon is an office pitch-in where they invite co-workers, family, friends and vendors to join them.  Those co-workers, family, friends and vendors are also invited to bring their checkbooks.  Checkbooks that are slightly depleted after the lunch.  This year, the checkbooks were depleted to the tune of nearly $1,500!  Fifteen hundred dollars.  Fifteen hundred bucks.  Fifteen hundred greenbacks.  Fifteen hundred clams.  Fifteen hundred mazumas.  Fifteen hundred smackeroos.  That’s money that will go toward making this Christmas a brighter one for the 42 children at the hospital.

Lunch?  Some incredible home-made Thanksgiving items.  Raffle prizes?  Treasury Liquors, of Crested Butte, Colorado donated a number of very (verrrrrrrry) nice gifts as raffle items while office members created several beautiful additional holiday-themed prizes.

It’s great to see that an office with ever-changing personalities (over 25 years) can continue to come together and make such a huge difference for children who have so little. On behalf of those children, thank you to everyone on our Northeast office.


Posted by: Jim Newell

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