Relocation Training – 2011 and Beyond

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Nancy Harmann, the Relocation Director at Latter & Blum in New Orleans, LA on an article that was just published in January edition of Mobility magazine.  Mobility is the premier relocation publication produced by the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council – the international NAR of relocation if you will.  Nancy is consummate professional with over 20 years of relocation experience and an impeccable reputation in the industry, so it was a real honor to work with her.  Our article focuses on relocation training today and in the future.  You can read it here – Relocation Training 2011 and Beyond.  A great deal of the subject matter within relocation hasn’t changed – pricing is critical, accurate information is essential, market analysis and the 11 step amended value process are all still there.  However, Nancy and I talked mainly about how that information is delivered.  Let’s face, today we want…we expect to be entertained.  Life is coming at us fast and the number of stimuli competing for our attention has never been higher.  If you have a minute, give the article a glance and share your thoughts.  Thanks.

Posted by:  Ryan Carrell

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