Robos-Signing scandal affects mortgage foreclosures. Read the FAQs


It’s estimated that there will be a record 1.2 million foreclosures this year.  In 2005, there were around 100,000.  As a result, mortgage lenders have found themselves severely unprepared, or understaffed, for that huge increase in volume.  How much do REALTORS®,  and homebuyers, know about the robo-signing scandal and how it could affect each of us personally?

Carpenter Realtors® has had a chance to research the latest information and news reports and talk to a number of professionals about the crisis.  As a result, we’ve compiled this list of frequently-asked questions about the current foreclosure news. There’s no quiz later, but REALTORS® and homeowners alike should be aware of what’s happening, what to expect, how it might affect us and how long it might last.


Posted by: David Caveness

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