TAG, You’re it!


Partnering with Microsoft®, Carpenter Realtors® is the first real estate company east of the Mississippi River to incorporate their new tag reader barcode system in a real estate marketing environment.  We are calling it TAG IT!  Accessible through over 80 million smartphones in the U.S., TAG IT! uses cutting-edge technology from Microsoft® to allow the mobile consumer to scan the colorful TAG IT! barcode with their smartphone and instantly access valuable information about Carpenter listings through videos, virtual tours, our mobile optimized website, and more.

To take advantage of the mobile optimized content available with TAG IT! mobile users must first download the free application from Microsoft® at gettag.mobi from their smartphone. Once downloaded, mobile users SNAP a photo of the TAG IT! barcode anywhere they find it on print ads, newspapers, magazines, yardsigns, even our weekly TV Showcase of Homes program andinstantlt additional content springs into action on their smartphone.

Carpenter Realtors® is committed to providing today’s consumer the in-depth real estate information they want…when they want it…and how they want to receive it.  And today, a growing number of consumers want their information on-the-go over their mobile device.  That’s exactly how the new TAG IT!  program delivers it!  TAG IT! illustrates Carpenter Realtors® ongoing commitment to applying technology to the real estate industry expanding our marketing to reach homebuyers and sellers on the go.

The TAG IT! barcode program has numerous applications within Carpenter’s exclusive Home Marketing System™.  Those include:  Yardsigns, Property Information Flyers, Newspaper Ads, TV Showcase of Homes, Call Carpenter for Homes magazine, Homes and Land magazine and  Agent business cards and brochures.

WE invite you to “test drive” TAG IT! on your smartphone right now.  To connect to a brief video using TAG IT!  go to gettag.mobi from your smartphone and download the free app.  Then, SNAP a photo of the attached TAG IT! barcode.  It will instantly connect you to the demo video.  It’s easy and fun!


Posted by: David Caveness

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