The 6 Reasons Today May Be the Best Time in 40 Years to Buy a Home – Reason #1

We recently published a white paper The 6 Reasons Today May Be the Best Time in 40 Years to Buy a Home.  I want to focus on only one of those reasons today. Mortgage interest rates. I want to focus on mortgage rates because this is the single “reason” that may be changing the fastest. In fact it might be going away as one of the six reasons. I don’t have a crystal ball and certainly can’t predict the future of mortgage rates, but common sense tells me that with the extent of government deficit spending and the resulting borrowing that is taking place at all levels of government, inflation has to start to surface in the economic picture. I predict sooner than later. As inflationary pressures begin to build in the economy, interest rates must rise. Mortgage rates are not immune to those pressures. They must rise too. As mortgage rates rise, the true cost of housing rises. It’s just a matter of time before one of the “six reasons” goes away. Spread the word, now is the best time!

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Posted by: David Caveness

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