The First LOCAL Mobile App, because Real Estate is Local


So, who’s up on the latest technology?

Oops! Too late. It’s already moved on! Just like that 4G commercial, technology is often moving faster than we can keep up with it. I’m sometimes tempted not to try, then I see something newer and cooler and I jump  on board. As a company, we used to be that way … holding off to see if something really sticks, then slowly adopt. I think we finally agreed to get fax machines in 1999 and that cell phones were here to stay back in 2002.

No more. We’re now on the cutting edge of the best, most useful tech. Today, it’s the first local Indiana mobile app.  Launched a few weeks ago, it’s already been downloaded several hundred times, creating a big leap in‘s mobile traffic.

Got a smartphone, you can get the app. By smartphone I mean Droid or iPhone OS. Grandpa, that flip phone you’re using is so first grade. Blackberrys … fifth grade, maybe middle school. We’re talking grad school here.

So what? Who cares? If you’re like me, aren’t you reaching for your phone before you walk to the computer? So for a buyer, the app offers one-touch access to every home for sale in Indiana and around the world. It has our GPS HomeSearch,  the first local GPS search, with details on the home in front of the user or any nearby. It offers complete neighborhood statistics and instant access to any Carpenter agent. For a seller, it’s another way to reach your home’s potential buyer faster, when  they’re in the mood for information It’s the whole shebang, the whole kit & kaboodle. It’s the complete package, the cat’s meow. It’s hip, daddy-o, its a happening thing, it’s groovy, man.

Droid  users, visit the Android Market (transitioning over to Google Play  Store)  and search Carpenter Realtors. iPhone and iPad? They’re a little pickier on the app, so you just need to click here or snap the QR code. Open it in Safari and save it to your home screen.


Posted by: Jim Newell

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