The Future Looks Bright for Corporate Relocation

Like many parts of the economy, corporate relocation has been negatively affected by the challenges in the economy.  With the average cost to move an existing home-owning employee topping $90,000 (Worldwide ERC Survey), many companies moved relocation from the necessity to discretionary category.

But as they say, this too shall pass.  Corporate relocation activity in central Indiana, though slowly, is picking up.  Pent-up relocations that have been on hold for two years or more are now starting to develop.   Further evidence can be found in Atlas Van Lines 44th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey.  The survey results were based on the responses from over 400 corporate individuals responsible for employee relocation.  Here are two items that really caught my eye:

  • 30% of companies plan to relocate a worker this year, the highest percentage in 6 years
  • 87% of companies said they will spend as much or more on relocation this year as in 2010, the highest percentage since 2007

The corporate relocation industry has a long way to recover.  It won’t happen overnight, but the tea leaves certainly point to better times ahead.

Posted by:  Ryan Carrell

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