The Relocation- Directors Council (RDC)

I had the privilege of attending the spring meeting of the Relocation Director’s Council last week.  RDC is a truly dynamic organization that brings together the most experienced Relocation Directors from across the US.   Relocation Directors wear many hats, but most are typically the liaison between real estate companies and corporations that need assistance in relocating existing or new hire employees.  Membership in the RDC organization is based on an individual’s experience and the recommendation of  his peers, versus any franchise or company affiliation.  The RDC website sums it up rather nicely:

Collaborate – Educate – Innovate

The meeting was well attended with over 100 leaders in relocation services sharing ideas and gathering the most recent industry information.

Many corporations and third party relocation companies prefer to utilize real estate companies whose Relocation Director is an RDC member.  At this meeting, I had the opportunity to host several round table discussions about enhancements and new ideas in training real estate agents in the niche of relocation.  The conversation was lively and the ideas superb.  Technological advances continue and relocation trained agents are often the most savvy.  Training focuses on the marriage of market knowledge and technical knowhow, all coming together to provide a faster, less stressful relocation for the transferring family.  So the next time you or one of your co-workers are relocating, be sure to call on an RDC member…you’ll be glad you did.

Posted by:  Ryan Carrell

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