The Sweet Spot

Ben Hess, founding partner and managing Director of Tidemark,  Inc., recently wrote an article that references a point made by Tom  Prall, our President, at Carpenter’s January Managers’  Meeting –  NOW is the time for managers to be focused on recruiting agents into the  real estate business.  You can read Ben’s entire post here.

Today, is the “tipping point” for people beginning (and  sustaining) their career in real estate because there is a developing  shift in the average number of transactions per agent from  very few to significantly more as the market begins to emerge from the  past recession.  Simply put, the market is improving while the number of  professionals to service those transactions continues to decline or at  least lag the improvement.  It won’t last  forever, but the last time we witnessed this shift at the start of a  recovery there were a number of bountiful years until the overall agent  count caught up.

Increasing Sales +  Less Agents = The Sweet Spot

If you want more information on this or would like to discuss  how you can take advantage of this developing “sweet spot,” feel free to  contact me or one of our managing brokers.  A list  of Carpenter locations and mangers can be found  on our  website.


Posted by: David Caveness

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