To list and sell homes: plan your work and work your plan

And then … depression set in. Yesterday’s news that Indianapolis home sales fell 30% in July reminds us all that we’re not out of the recession yet.  Yet – opportunity is all around us.  Every day, real estate agents are listing and selling homes for sale.  Every day, successful realtors are working to build their own personal brand, communicating that brand to potential clients, and making new contacts.

In the movie Stripes, John Winger lost his job, his apartment, his girlfriend and his car. But he still had his health! The key to keeping your finances and career healthy? Number one – don’t allow the news to affect your work habits. Dig in and work the Indianapolis real estate business using all the tools you’re given. “Plan your work and work your plan” we’re told. Do all agents have a plan? Of course not. Most hope to get by on their rapier wit and good looks. Many “wing it,” as they did when business was plentiful. Most can tell you, that doesn’t cut it today.

The list of available tools that Carpenter Realtors provides its agents contains everything from the most comprehensive free training available, to a long list of co-op advertising programs that help agents dramatically decrease their personal advertising expenses, to personal brand-building programs to help them identify and capitalize on their personal and professional strengths.  Insert those tools into the company’s marketing plans for agents and for selling homes and you have a program that virtually guarantees success … if you plan your work and work your plan.

Unemployment is still high.  Income is stagnant.  Home prices have just begun to barely creep back up – a bit.  The recession ain’t over and making forward progress will be tough.  But there are still hundreds of homes being sold every day in central Indiana. Someone is listing and selling homes.  Someone is cashing a commission check today. Someone is in the office today working a complete marketing plan that’s going to provide results soon.  Is that you?

Posted by: Jim Newell

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