What’s My Home Worth?

Comparative Marketing AnalysesA potential home seller’s #1, primary, most important, absolutely gotta know item?

What’s my home worth? How much can I sell it for?


“Market conditions” have an effect on the price but aren’t those just words we use to confuse them? We might get them to understand “Staging” but it’s way down the list of what’s important. “Curb Appeal” is only slightly above staging on the importance meter. “Marketing” can have a huge difference on the pricing (and timing) of a sale but it’s a means to the end.

But how much money they’ll walk away with is the big one. And yet it is one of the ways Realtors(r) seem to have very poor tools to communicate and rationalize. Did I say “is?” Let’s now go with “was.”

Nothing personal PropertyLinx, but as a consumer I look at the Comparative Marketing Analyses you produce for members and all I see is unintelligible garbage, as if I’m trying to read a Chinese menu, IN Chinese. Compare that CMA to any business presentation you’ve seen. I think most people just pretend to understand to make the pain stop.

But now I’ve seen the light. Carpenter has contracted with a company called CloudCMA to offer our agents a CMA program that is complete, customizable, easy-to-understand(!) and quick to build. Not possible you say? It is if you woke up and it’s 2014. The CloudCMA is a competition-killing deal closer and now every Carpenter agent has it at their disposal at no cost.

CloudCMA is an online, cloud-based program that compiles all possible comps for an address, allowing you to delete or edit any, then prepares it as an actual presentation, not a data printout. We’re talking complete comp details and all the photos, both active and sold homes. You choose the ones to include, you set up exceptions, you set the suggested price – or price range – and it’s all finished in a full-color package that it truly easy to present and understand. Plus it’s fast. If you take more than 20 minutes to build a 30-page presentation, then you took a coffee break in the middle.

Wait! That’s not all! CloudCMA also gives you a tool to defeat the evil nemesis of pricing – zillow. CloudCMA pulls the zestimates for all those comps and shows the zillow numbers side-by-side against the listing or selling price. Whine all you want but they’re already seen those numbers. Let’s tell them why the zestimates are just that – estimates, and put that elephant outside.

Let’s see. A faster, easier-to-understand, more complete, zillow-busting CMA. For free. That’s why they call Carpenter the marketing tools company. And that’s why sellers call Carpenter.

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