Where do we look for homes for sale?

Anyone care to guess where a home buyer looks for homes for sale?

You in the back – the internet?  You bet … at home, at the office and on your phone.  Anyone else?  You think newspapers?  You think right.  Raise your hand if you think magazines are a place to look for homes.  Ok, we got a few takers on magazines.  Does anyone blindly drive around the neighborhoods and hope to find flyers?  Of course they do.

This is one case where, no matter what the options, the correct answer is going to be “All of the above.”  Home buyers are like a starving man in a buffet line.  They cannot get enough.  Any place that might – just might – have a newly listed home for sale, or more information on one they’ve already seen is a place they’ll look.  One more outlet might have that diamond in the rough they’re waiting for.  Am I right?

That’s the simple beauty of Carpenter Realtors® Home Marketing System. Nothing’s missed.  Our real estate agents have all the tools to expose a home for sale to more potential buyers than anyone else can.  And much is at the company’s expense. · 100% syndication on the internet, to every real estate search site nationally. · A hugely improved real estate website, with more neighborhood details, more stats, more fun stuff to look through. · A truly cool mobile search site, that recognizes your phone for faster results. · Available weekly newspaper ads in every market covering every listed home’s area. · Co-op and corporate ads in the local real estate magazines. · Carpenter’s TV Showcase of Homes, reaching thousands of potential home buyers every week. · Carpenter’s YouTube channel. · Our take-one flyer program.  Not an empty box in town. · A complete CRM program for every agent.

Yeah, this is a bit of a sales pitch, but we’re proud of it.  We actually have a decent feel for what the home sellers expect from a REALTOR® and how home buyers conduct their home search.  Most brokers look at the bottom line and decide what home buyers and sellers want by whether they can afford it. “Nobody reads the newspapers any more.”  “Homes for sale on TV?  That’s insane!”  “We’re not getting into a crazy spending war with our web site.  Ours is just fine the way it is.”  “We had a magazine and no one called us from it.”

Looking to buy an Indianapolis home? If so, tell me you’re not an information junkie right now. Thinking of selling an Indianapolis home?  Select anyone you want … just make sure they’re the hardest-working people in real estate and intent on getting your home exposed to more buyers and as a result, sold.

Posted by: Jim Newell

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