Wirelessly Sync your Mobile and Desktop World with free Google services


In the age of smart phones, laptops and on the go Real Estate agents, an easy way to keep your separate devices synchronized is with free Google services like Google Calendar and Google Desktop Sync.  I use these free services to synchronize my Android powered smart phone with my work laptop running Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Using an Android phone there is literally no setup.  On first startup the phone asks for your Google account and password and then the phone takes it from there, automatically syncing your contacts, calendar and email.  On Windows MobileiPhone or Blackberry you have to add your Google account via Microsoft Exchange services which Google licenses from Microsoft (click on your respective phone for Google’s instructions to sync your Google account with your phone).

For your laptop, download Google Sync to get your Outlook calendar and contacts synchronized between your personal computer and Google’s servers.  It’s a small app that runs in the background on your computer to handle the sync.  You give the app your Google username and password, set the update frequency and you’re done.

I have never connected my smart phone to my laptop to do a sync and any time I add an appointment to Outlook it automatically shows up on my phone and vice versa automagically.  As a nice side benefit, if you happen for whatever reason to be away from your phone and your laptop you can log into your calendar online at google.com/calendar and check your schedule from any Internet connected computer.



Posted by: George Christodoulou

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