Zoning and Development Strategies for the Future

You may not be aware that Indianapolis has undertaken a $2 million project to analyze and update its zoning and development regulations.  This is one of the first major overhauls in this area since 1969.  Recommendations and new regulations are expected in Q1 of 2014.

The city currently has 17 residential zoning classifications and 10 commercial classifications.  Many of these were written with a different city in mind.  Just one example is a requirement that building facades be 80-100 feet from the right away, which was clearly implemented in the past, before the strong development of many of our urban walking neighborhoods.  Today, developers working in these locations have the added work and expense of applying for a variance to bring the building front closer to the side walk.

Proper, well-thought out zoning and development regulations are critical to a healthy economy, local investment, and maybe more importantly, local re-investmentClick here to learn more about this initiative and give your feedback.

Posted by:  Ryan Carrell

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