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A newsworthy home design that stands the test of time

Typically, when we say a home has stood the test of time, it means the home is simply still standing and often... Read More »

Open House Promotion a Big Hit

At Carpenter Realtors, I've learned that this is a company that believes in the value of open house. T... Read More »

Improving real estate conditions

The Indianapolis Star ran a front page story this morning with the headline “An unwelcome surprise: M... Read More »

Putting some effort into marketing luxury homes

  Typically, Carpenter Realtors® is not known for having a large inventory of what would be described as luxury... Read More »

Indy Star Home of the Day ad: Value + Value

Got home last night and did my usual perusal of the Indy Star, checking to see what headlines catch my ... Read More »

Tour of Affordable Homes works for us!

  We were very pleased with the results of the Indianapolis Star’s Tour of Affordable Homes this past ... Read More »

More Open Houses = More Homes Sold?

I surprised myself this morning.  I thought I’d look at the number of open houses that Carpenter R... Read More »

Nobody’s home…but your insurance better be

As school starts around the country and many families are settling into their new homes, there was a v... Read More »

Indianapolis Indians to Host “Carpenter Realtors® Night”

  Monday, August 9th is “Carpenter Realtors® Night” at Victory Field as the Indianapolis Indians AAA bas... Read More »

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