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Choosing the Right Buyer’s Agent

Finding the perfect home can be a real challenge, and finding a great buyer's agent can be just as difficul... Read More »

Consumer Confidence Reflected in 2nd Quarter Indianapolis Housing Sales

Housing has recovered in central Indiana. The recovery is complete as pended home sales during the second q... Read More »

Indianapolis Home Buyers Love Carpenter Realtors

One of the biggest decisions you will ever make is buying a home. It’s a confusing and complex proces... Read More »

Real Estate Search App Far Exceed Expectations

And they say word of mouth moves slowly. Typically, I'm not at a loss to evaluate "Why" some... Read More »

Understanding the “Lost Equity Syndrome”

This post is my second in a series relating to our white paper, The 6 Reasons Today May Be the Best Time... Read More »

The 6 Reasons Today May Be the Best Time in 40 Years to Buy a Home – Reason #1

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The Value of Real Estate Advertising

  I’ve read some discussions lately about the value of real estate advertising. Some downplay the value of... Read More »

Where do we look for homes for sale?

Anyone care to guess where a home buyer looks for homes for sale? You in the back – the internet?  You... Read More »

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